Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day: Adrian Holland from his daughter Cindy Holland Presson and his granddaugher Salen Holland White

IN MEMORY OF MY GRAND DADDY, THIS FATHERS DAY: I know there are alot of PaPa's out there but THIS was MY PaPa. He was my Mom's Dad and this is him and my Aunt Cindy. He was the most tender hearted man I knew and a terrific grandfather. Him and my grandmother "Ma Ruth" were such a wonderful compliment to each other. I have been so blessed with good Christian men in my family there was a time I just expected men to be that way. I treasure the times I had with him and wished there were more.
- Salen Holland White
IN MEMORY OF MY DADDY, THIS FATHERS' DAY: My daddy has been gone from my life since Oct. 1990.... This was made one fall when JD and I were going over in the woods to make some pretty fall pictures; Daddy and Mike jumped on the tailgate of the truck and went with us!! Got so many beautiful fall pictures that day, and love this one of me and daddy. He was a farmer, but was a very distinguished and handsome man when he was dressed up! All my friends in school loved him so much; he was a very loving, tender hearted man and I will never get over missing him... So wonderful to have had parents who had such love for each other....
- Cindy Holland Presson

Ruth and Adrian Holland with Helen and Sam Holland with their Daughters: Salen, Bev, and Debbie on the porch of  Adrian and Ruth home [need a note here for location]

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